Core Values

Georgetown Hill Early School endorses a whole-child approach to teaching and learning that reinforces and expands upon children’s natural competencies through our PLAN® curriculum. The primary components of PLAN® are Play, Learning, the Arts, and Nurturing. Each component serves a critical role in the development of a whole child.


In a child-centered environment, play is a natural springboard for development. As children play, they form friendships and learn to value each other. They use language to communicate ideas, critical thinking to test ideas, and creativity to put ideas into motion. They cooperate and compromise as they gain understanding about their world.


Learning is a cumulative process through which children acquire skills and knowledge and apply them to gain understanding about themselves and their environment. Most learning takes place incidentally as a child responds to people and objects that are important to their world. The understandings that children develop through sustained, non-competitive interactions within a reinforcing environment become the foundation for constructing knowledge. An environment that is conducive to learning is a challenging one with abundant opportunities for open-ended experiences.

The Arts

When children are encouraged to express themselves, they sharpen their senses and expand their level of awareness. They interpret the world as they paint, dance, build, sing, and engage in dramatic play. Through a variety of media, children develop creativity, original thinking, motivation, and confidence. They connect feelings and ideas through sensory experiences that help them thrive in their environment. As they continue to express themselves, they see the world and its people from a more sensitive perspective.


Nurturing is the bridge between what a child accomplishes and how they feel about their accomplishment. Without nurturing, a child’s development is stifled. When children are exposed to a nurturing environment, they develop attitudes that foster trusting relationships and good character. Relationships are based on communication and trust. The teacher, like the parent, cultivates a climate conducive to healthy and positive growth. In addition, the teacher: encourages responsibility to the self and the group; encourages children to care for their minds and their bodies by making healthy choices and developing wholesome attitudes; provides classroom and community opportunities that develop sensitivity to the diversity around them; provides materials and activities that facilitate universal values. In a caring classroom community, children develop and maintain life-long habits and attitudes.

Our Mission

Every day at Georgetown Hill, we provide a great educational experience to children and their families by bringing them together with great people, great programs, great experiences, and great service. At Georgetown Hill…


We are family–We cherish our shared experiences and traditions, celebrate our achievements, appreciate and support one another, and face challenges together — just like family.


We put the child first–Every decision we make begins with asking what is in the best interest of the child.


We use good judgment– We hire kind, capable people and trust them to represent Georgetown Hill and all that entails.


We are honest–We rely on each other’s integrity and ability.


We empower people–Our employees take the initiative to learn and grow both professionally and personally, and we support their efforts to deliver an exceptional experience to each child.


We value open and respectful communication–We want to hear what you think.


We are kind–We work hard to offer a great experience to each and every child who walks through our doors. We believe this starts with showing courtesy to everyone: children, their families, and coworkers alike. It’s important to us that every person under our roof feels valued, welcome and cared for.


We have fun–We believe our work should bring out the child in all of us.


We are accountable–We take responsibility for our actions and the experience we provide to our children and their families.


We use our PLAN® curriculum each day to fulfill our mission:


P– playfulness, joy, spiritedness, celebration


L– lifelong learning, continual growth, innovation, excellence, school readiness


A– art, expression, wonder, curiosity, exploration


N– nurturing, positive relationships, and warmth