From the ground up, the leadership of our organization is operated by family-oriented team of directors and administrators with a common goal in mind. At our core we are more than a business or a service; we have a calling.

GHES Leadership

  1. Ellen Cromwell – Founder
  2. Pete Cromwell – Executive Director of Services and CEO
  3. Bonnie Byrd – Campus Support Services
  4. Kristen Cromwell – Education and Program Services
  5. Julie Carpentier – Administrative Services and CFO
  6. Kelly Cromwell – HR Support Services
  7. Linda Weinel – Account Services
  8. Melanie Morillo – Director of Woodley Gardens/Rockville Campus
  9. Alicia Benderly – Director of Apple Ridge/Gaithersburg Campus
  10. Lil Winestone – Director of Bells Mill/Potomac Campus
  11. Sayuri Carrington – Director of NRC Campus
  12. Shannon Moodie – Director of Clarksburg Elementary Campus
  13. Aspasia Offutt – Before and After Care Program Director
  14. Jessica McIntryre – Director of North Potomac Campus
  15. Kristen Raymond – Director of Darnestown Campus
  16. Terri Gatewood – Director of USAPHIS/Sunny Days Campus (not pictured)