Woodley Gardens Update


Hello Woodley Families,

It has been two weeks since we last saw each other, and I had hoped my next check-in would be to provide you some longer term solutions.  I must admit, however, that I do not yet have those answers today. What I do want to tell you though, is that we are exploring every idea and solution that has been presented to us or that we’ve developed on our own.

Following are some of the options we’ve been exploring, and some of the challenges we have been facing. We know this has not been easy on you or our staff and we will continue to provide as many resources as we can.  Thank you for being patient with us.

Short term: We’ve been exploring solutions suggested to us by members of the community including churches, the City of Rockville, MCPS, the senior center, and store fronts in Rockville. Our biggest challenges with most of these spaces are with permitting and licensing. Licensing regulations not only mandate square footage and ratio per child (by age), but also bathrooms, water sources, sinks, entrances, and outdoor space.  We have not found a usable space that would accommodate our entire school at this point. We are trying to locate enough space though to accommodate entire classrooms and age groups that will be more convenient for families.

We’ve also been exploring the idea of portable and modular classrooms on the site or nearby. We’ve learned that there’s not really a permitting difference between a portable and a modular. All buildings must comply with local and/or state codes. Modular buildings would allow us a quicker build than traditional construction, and we are working with the property owner on developing this option.

We’ve had discussions with city officials, civic leaders, and other members of the community to find options that are more convenient for you. While I hoped I would find something sooner, I will keep searching and negotiating with licensing.

Longer term: Our first preference is for the land owner to rebuild on the property.  There are multiple variables that we are working to ensure this can happen. The variables could include partnering with the land owner and/or the swim team.  There are of course multiple factors in each scenario, all of which include zoning, permitting, insurance, and possibly fundraising for ourselves or potential partners.

We are also expanding our long term search to include other rentals or acquisitions in the area. We do not want to leave the Woodley Gardens community as it has become our home and our family.

As always, your child’s safety, security, emotional well-being, and education is our first priority. We believe our temporary solution is meeting that priority, but we hope to offer you a more convenient location VERY soon.

Warmest Regards,

Peter Cromwell,



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