May Theme: Water!

girl in pool at daycare

In May we are introducing our final signature unit of the year—Water! Our three signature preschool units (November, February, and May) immerse the entire school in an in-depth exploration of the same topic so that we can highlight our continuum of learning from infants through transitional kindergarten. In May, each age group will explore different bodies of water and the amazing scientific properties of this precious resource!

  • Infants/Toddlers will investigate our daily uses of water: splashing, washing, swimming, playing in puddles, and turning water into ice
  • Twos are swimming in the pond! They will be exploring pond life: the plants, animals, and insects that live in this freshwater habitat
  • Threes are diving into the ocean to learn about the earth’s largest bodies of water and the diversity of ocean life
  • Pre-K/T-K are traveling the rivers of the world and learning about the water cycle from evaporation to precipitation!

Looking for some great books about water to share at home? Here are a few good ones:

  • A Drop Around the World (Barbara Shaw McKinney)
  • All the Water in the World (George Ella Lyon)
  • Water: Up, Down, and All Around (Natalie Rosinsky)
  • Water is Water (Miranda Paul)
  • Marshes and Swamps (Gail Gibbons)
  • In the Small, Small, Pond (Denise Fleming)
  • Water Can Be (Laura Purdie Salas)


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