Bedtime Podcasts for Kids

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At my house, we are always looking for new ways to calm our little ones as they get ready for bed. Recently, we discovered some new storytelling podcasts that are so soothing that WE are the ones who fall asleep!

Common Sense Media has a great list of kid-friendly podcasts, and we’ve highlighted some below that are appropriate for the very littlest kids: (If you’re not familiar with Common Sense Media, definitely check them out for ratings of movies, TV shows, books, and more)

Story Time

These 10- to 15-minute stories are a perfect way to lull your little one to sleep. The podcast is updated every other week, and each episode contains a kid-friendly story, read by a soothing narrator.

Be Calm on Ahway Island

Thanks to the hosts’ soothing voices and a pre-story meditation, your kid might fall asleep to this podcast before the story even gets underway. But if not, the gentle adventures on Ahway Island will also sweep them off to dreamland. This podcast teaches kid-friendly mindfulness practices like “deep dragon breaths” that can be carried into waking life as well.

What If World

With wacky episode titles such as “What if Legos were alive?” and “What if sharks had legs?,” this series takes ridiculous “what if” questions submitted by young listeners and turns them into a new story every two weeks. Host Eric O’Keefe uses silly voices and crazy characters to capture the imaginations of young listeners.

Stories Podcast

One of the first kids’ podcasts to grasp podcasts’ storytelling capabilities, this podcast is still going strong with kid-friendly renditions of classic stories, fairy tales, and original works.

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories

Relaxing, melodic stories created to help kids drift off to sleep quickly. Each story is completely original and include soothing musical transitions.

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