Virtually Successful: Understanding How Online Education with George’s Nest Can Benefit Early Learners

Virtually Successful

Early childhood education is an essential element to the overall social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive growth of all children. Research confirms the importance of play, music, social engagement, and exploration of arts in early learners as a foundation for the future. Early childhood education is essential to brain and body development and should be differentiated to meet the uniquely diverse needs of early learners. Consequently, there should be a variety of options available for all types of learners and ability levels, as well as for families with alternative needs. Digital education platforms are becoming readily available, and with advances in technology, online and hybrid-models to support early childhood education is fast becoming an appealing and practical choice for families who need something other than traditional in-person preschool. George’s Nest online preschool is an example of a versatile digital learning platform that can serve the many needs of families.

What can George’s Nest virtual program offer you and your preschool age child?

George’s Nest is a dynamic and flexible learning platform that can work to accommodate your family’s needs. Some examples of what George’s Nest can offer include:


  • A trademarked curriculum with a multicultural approach to diverse and inclusive education taught by highly qualified and experienced virtual early childhood educators
  • Engage in daily “Morning Meetings” with social and emotional learning lessons that encourage children to become active listeners who acknowledge and celebrate diversity
  • Access to hundreds of asynchronous learning videos with content aligned to the P.L.A.N. curriculum, as well as Health and Fitness guided activities like Yoga, Music & Movement, Cardio Brain Breaks, and more.
  • Weekly newsletters and family correspondence for up-to-date information and materials about what we’re doing in weekly sessions, including printable resources and asynchronous projects
  • Experienced, highly qualified Early Childhood Educators who can partner with homeschoolers to enhance their learning programs at home and supplement your child’s in-person learning
  • Flexibility—if your child is home sick with a mild illness, or if your family happens to be traveling, you can utilize George’s Nest Online Preschool to provide continued structure, academic, and social engagement for your preschooler

So…What are you waiting for? Try online education if it fits your family’s needs and try George’s Nest for top-notch online education for your early learners! We are here to put the heart of early education back into your home!


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Writer’s Bio: Katherine Finnerty has been working in Early Childhood Education for fifteen years and has a degree in Human Development and Early Childhood Studies from SUNY Empire State College. Katherine is a published blogger and has been an online preschool teacher and virtual learning library contributor for George’s Nest since March 2020.

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