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Our Core Values

Every day at Georgetown Hill, we join together teachers, children and their families to create an unsurpassed early childhood educational experience. We invite everyone who joins our family to embrace the values that have guided us since we began in 1980.

We are trustworthy

You can count on us to do what is needed and what is right.

We put the child first

The lives of today’s families can be complicated and challenging! We find that considering the needs of our children as our first and most important priority can lead us to clarity and good decisions.

We are family

We acknowledge that our relationships between children, families, and staff at Georgetown Hill are among the most important in our lives, and we are committed to fortifying those relationships with love, support, and understanding.

We are gentle

We lead with our hearts – we are nurturing and compassionate.
We partner with our families through the struggles and celebrations of raising your children today.

We are joyful

Childhood (and adulthood!) brings many opportunities for joy, and we pledge to create those opportunities and live those moments with each other.

We use our PLAN® curriculum each day
to demonstrate our core values:

Georgetown Hill Early School endorses a whole-child approach to teaching and learning that reinforces and expands upon children’s natural competencies through our PLAN® curriculum. The primary components of PLAN® are Play, Learning, the Arts, and Nurturing. Each component serves a critical role in the development of a whole child.


 – playfulness, joy, spiritedness, celebration


 – lifelong learning, continual growth, innovation, excellence, school readiness


 – art, expression, wonder, curiosity, exploration


 – nurturing, positive relationships, and warmth

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