Pre-K and Transitional-K

Hands On and Heart To Heart

At Georgetown Hill, we teach children to embrace learning, both inside and outside of the classroom. At this age, we begin to merge experiential learning with classroom concepts, where the areas of Math, Science, Art, Physical Education, and Literacy start forming. Understanding that each child absorbs information differently, our staff adapts materials to meet the needs of our students, enabling them to work, learn, and respond at their own pace. Georgetown Hill’s teachers and caretakers create an atmosphere that welcomes your child’s imaginative ideas, encouraging them to set goals through the transitional stages of their early education. Our facility is equipped properly to support them emotionally, physically, and mentally to ensure personal success. As your child adapts from one stage of our PLAN® philosophy to the next, we are there to help them continually utilize their newfound accomplishments into their daily routine.

During this stage, your child’s teacher:

  • Is continuously evaluating an enriching educational environment
  • Is prepared and ready to teach your child through multiple experiences in literacy and language development, the arts, theme-centered projects, math, science, physical education, creative play and field trips within immediate and larger community
  • Provides hands-on and real-world experiences in mathematics and literacy
  • Offers your child a wide-range of learning experiences to respond to varied learning styles
  • Presents exciting, integrated themes reinforced by in-depth projects
  • Encourages your child to think and solve problems
  • Encourages children to work and to learn together

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