CodePlus Clinic at Georgetown Hill

Did you know that computing occupations are the number one source of all new jobs in the U.S. and soon there will be one million unfilled coding jobs?

Coding is now considered an essential skill, just like reading, writing and math. Learning the fundamentals of coding develops skills in children that enable them to excel in all other subject areas, including problem solving, computational thinking, logic and reason.

CodePlus: Creative Computing Clinic at Georgetown Hill – Potomac Village gives children critical coding skills while they have fun engaging in GHES summer recreational activities. Help your child by enrolling today – $150/session.

Session 1: July 10, 17, 24, 31, August 7
Session 2: August 14, 21, 28, Sept. 4, 11

CodePlus: Creative Computing Program Schedule:

Week 1: Cryptology & Machine Learning
Tools/Platforms: Written + Verbal Activity, Google Teachable Machine, PictoBlox

Students will be introduced to cryptology through individual and group exercises, participate in elementary cipher encryption and decoding, and will learn basic machining skills. Participants will have chance to work with PictoBlox and the Google Teachable Machine platform to construct machine learning models that will allow a computer to recognize their Images, sounds, and poses.

Week 2: Drag and Drop Languages & Mobile App Development
Tools/Platforms: PictoBlox, MIT APP Inventor

Students will use block-based coding languages to introduce students to programming concepts by interacting with the PictoBlox platform, where they can use the Scratch language to create games, animations, and stories. Participants will also learn basic app development with MIT APP Inventor. By using a web browser and a linked phone, students will design an application for Android phones.

Week 3: Electronic City with Embedded Systems & Electronics
Tools/Platforms: Arduino UNO, PictoBlox

Students will learn how to operate basic electric circuits as well as hardware and software. With the help of instructors, students will design and create an “Electronic city” using an Arduino Uno microcontroller board. Digital and analog input/output pins are available on the board that will be connected to numerous expansion boards and other circuits by the students. The PictoBloc platform will be used to program the electronic components of the “Electronic City”

Week 4: Robotics & Engineering
Tools/Platforms: Arduino UNO, MBlock, Scratch

Students will learn basic robot programming including basic robotic machinery and electronic components, as well as expand on their previous knowledge of elementary block-based programming.

Week 5: Web Development & Syntax Programing
Tools/Platforms: (HTML & CSS), Swift Playground, CodeCombat

In the final week of CodePlus, students will be introduced to basic web development. They will attempt to translate block-based code to syntax-based code; basic web development using HTML and CSS; and work with the instructor to design a “About Me Webpage” on that is unique to them.

Students will also use syntax programming while playing a game where they will select one of the two platforms available to interact with – 1) CodeCombat is an HTML5 role-playing game (RPG) that teaches you the fundamentals of programming, 2) Swift Playgrounds, which is described as “a development environment and educational tool for the Swift programming language.”

P.L.A.N. Philosophy
While children learning essential computer science skills and coding, Georgetown Hill’s exclusive P.L.A.N. philosophy governs a non-competitive experience personalized for each child. Campers will acquire coding skills as they create their own projects. Supported by a top-tier, online learning system used to teach coding to thousands, campers have fun while developing valuable skills under the supervision of GHES staff committed to ensuring that each child’s world is meaningful, balanced and challenging.

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