Twos and Threes

Terrific Is How We Describe Your Two and Three-Year-Olds’ Curiosity

Georgetown Hill is ready for your child’s journey toward independence and interactive classroom learning. We surround your child with role models who help them exercise their minds and introduce them to the next level of development. Through meaningful activities and a sensory-rich environment, your child will take their first step toward early literacy and loving relationships that last a lifetime. Presenting your child to relevant resources and showing the transition process between curiosity and conquering the next steps of childhood, their educational foundation is cultivated in real- life applications like counting raindrops, storytelling or drawing letters in the dirt. This stage of childhood is joyfully unpredictable but at Georgetown Hill, we balance your child’s day between skill-oriented activities and play.

In a child-centered environment, your child’s teacher:

  • Encourages self-affirmation through independent and social play
  • Promotes sensitivity to one’s immediate and larger world
  • Encourages early literacy through meaningful activities, materials, and a sensory-rich environment
  • Encourages self-respect and respect for one’s environment
  • Promotes in your child an ability and desire to function in a group
  • Presents as a role model – a person whom your child can trust and draw inspiration from
  • Encourages an “I can” attitude

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