Director Spotlight – Kristen Raymond

Our next Director Spotlight is Kristen Raymond who directs our Darnestown Preschool location. Kristen is known around Georgetown Hill as our “Cheerleader”! Kristen is 100% “all in” and goes above and beyond her position each and every day. Kristen started her journey with Georgetown Hill as a parent while she worked in an elementary school. Her experiences in the public-school district as well as a parent of two GHES alumni have made Kristen a well-rounded Director. Kristen brings a unique perspective and a highly respected opinion to our organization as a whole. Also, she keeps roller skates under her desk!

  • My Favorite Color is:  Green
  • My Favorite Children’s Book is:  Put Me in the Zoo
  • My Favorite Cartoon Character is:  Bart Simpson
  • My Favorite Sport is: NFL football & College Basketball
  • If I had to Eat One Food for the Rest of My Life: cheese
  • The Best Song to Dance to is: Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison
Kristen Raymond Photo
  • My Background is: Elementary Education Degree from Towson University, 9 yrs teaching in MCPS, and 8 yrs at GHES.
  • I am here {at GHES} because: My children went to preschool here and I fell in love with the community, teachers, and school and knew I had to work here.
  • My Favorite part of my job is: Introducing new families to GHES and sitting on the floor during circle time and having children sit on my lap.
  • Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do ever.
  • I want to learn how to:   Exercise and like it
  • If I did something besides my current job I would: a sideline sports reporter or a Starbucks Barista

Although Kristen would make an amazing sports reporter for the Redskins, we think we will keep her here! She has become an integral part of our organization over the past 8 years.