Director Spotlight – Liliana Winestone

Lil came to Georgetown Hill Early School as an experienced director, seven (7) years ago! There is really no one quite like Lil. She is an amazing leader and genuinely cares about each one of her team members, parents, and students.  Lil is a go-getter, has amazing follow through and is a fierce family advocate. With advocacy in mind, when we make new policies, we like to get Lil’s input first. It is because of Lil’s caring ways that she has the lowest turnover of all our campuses with less than 5% each year!

It should also be mentioned that Lil has great style! Check out her answers below:

Liliana Winestone director

My Favorite Color is: Eggplant
My Favorite Children’s Book is: Thumbelina
My Favorite Cartoon Character is: Cinderella
My Favorite Sport is: swimming
If I had to Eat One Food for the Rest of My Life: Sushi
The Best Song to Dance to is: Any Carlos Vives songs! Especially Fruta Fresca!
My Background is: Peruvian

I am here {at GHES} because: I was very lucky to be referred by two friends who worked at GH when I was not very happy at my other job. Best decision ever to leave and join GH.
My Favorite part of my job is: When I enter a classroom and a bunch of little ones come and hug me! It just melts me away! Sometimes you just need a big hug from a little one to make everything better.
Traveling and watching black and white old movies are my favorite things to do ever.
I want to learn how to: make the best Peruvian ceviche, yum!
If I did something besides my current job I would: Personal Shopper