Director Spotlight – Melanie Morillo

Melanie Morillo has been with Georgetown Hill Early School for 16 YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Our infants, toddlers, twos, threes, fours, preschool, and trans-k all adore Melanie, and for good reason. Melanie is so much fun and definitely makes you feel like part of the family. Melanie has also recently become the Regional Director over our Woodley Gardens and Apple Ridge campuses. We appreciate Melanie’s growth and willingness to help Georgetown Hill on a global level!

You can feel Melanie’s charisma from her answers below:

Melanie Morillo - Director Spotlight
  • My Favorite Color is: Fall colors
  • My Favorite Children’s Book is: Stand Tall Mary Lou Melon
  • My Favorite Cartoon Character is: well from growing up it was JEM or Rainbow Brite
  • My Favorite Sport is: football to watch, soccer to play
  • If I had to Eat One Food for the Rest of My Life: sushi or Mexican
  • The Best Song to Dance to is: well that all depends where I am!!! And if Im 21 or almost 40!!! 
  • My Background is: Graduated from WVU! Goooooo Mountaineers!! I graduated with a Regents degree in Communications, basically a bachelor of arts. Have been with GHES since then in 2002.
  • I am here {at GHES} because: I love working with children and families and I found myself a home! 
  • My Favorite part of my job is: the day to day with the children and watching them grow and the relationships I have built over the years with families!
  • Going to the beach or just teaching Kenley and enjoying her childhood, watching her face when she experiences new fun things is my favorite thing to do ever.
  • I want to learn how to: cook better.
  • If I did something besides my current job I would:probably be an artist, I think still with kids in mind or graphic design something creative! 

As you can tell, Melanie brings a lot of spunk, creativity, and passion for Georgetown Hill! Melanie has been an integral part of our team since the beginning. We also appreciate that her daughter, Kenley, is an active spokeswoman for Georgetown Hill as well!