Director Spotlight – Shelby Monsini

This is Shelby’s first year as a director – but you wouldn’t know it! We think Shelby was born to be a Georgetown Hill Director. Shelby leads our two-room historic schoolhouse in Clarksburg, Maryland. Both our building and Shelby are classic, timeless, and full of character and charm. Shelby encompasses our core values of Child-First, Trustworthy, Family Focused, Gentle, Joyful, and Reflective of Practice.  We plan on Shelby being with us for a long, long time! Oh, did we mention her adorable son, Cameron is also part of the GHES family?! They are pictured together, below:

Here are Shelby’s answers to our director interview:

  • My Favorite Color is: Green (because I love my eyes- which are green), Lavender, or Sky Blue (because they are both calming).
  • My Favorite Children’s Book is: The Llama Llama Series (My son and I have had many special bonding moments over the course of the Llama Llama Series. We are thrilled that Netflix released a Llama Llama series based off our favorite books).
  • My Favorite Cartoon Character is: Mickey and Minnie Mouse… Honestly, anything Disney. I love Disney!
  • My Favorite Sport is: Ice Hockey- Go Boston Bruins!
  • If I had to Eat One Food for the Rest of My Life: Tacos! You can serve them multiple ways which makes for a delicious encounter every. single. time!
  • The Best Song to Dance to is: hmmmm… so many options! Shut up and Dance with Me (Walk the Moon) or Timber (by Kesha) if I really want to bust a move. For a nice slow dance with my husband, our wedding song, Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban. Keith Urban is my favorite singer!
  • My Background is: I went to Fitchburg State University (MA) to study Elementary Education. I loved every minute of being in the classroom with those rambunctious kiddos! My favorite subject to plan for was science. 
  • Family Background- Dad, Mom, me, and my sister. I am older by three years. We grew up in a small town on a dead-end street with 16 other kids. We spent a lot of time with both sides of the family. Making countless, unforgettable memories with everyone. My family moved to MD shortly after my son was born. I am so lucky to have them here! My husband and I first met in 8th-grade technology class. We rekindled our friendship and soon relationship in 10th grade (accounting class). It’s been a fairytale ever since! 
  • I am here {at GHES} because: I moved to Maryland from Massachusetts with my fiancé (now husband) and dog. I had done some searching and luckily came across GHES when I was out driving. Once I walked through the doors for my first interview, I knew GHES was the perfect fit for me. I loved the atmosphere and everyone I spoke to on my first encounter. I started as a toddler teacher and am now, happily directing our Clarksburg location.
  • My Favorite part of my job is: watching the children grow, develop and change over the course of the school year and overall time at GHES.
  • Spending time with my family and closest friends is my favorite thing to do ever.
  • I want to learn how to: make my own furniture or learn another language (especially sign language).
  • If I did something besides my current job I would: I would be a stay at home mom while my son is still young. Teach him the early life lessons and enjoy him while he is still little (because we all know how fast children grow up). If I weren’t in the field of education, I imagine myself being a wedding coordinator. I absolutely love weddings!

As you can see, Shelby is just plain fantastic! We are so lucky to have her as part of our Clarksburg campus and Georgetown Hill family.