We are safely open!

At Georgetown Hill Early School, we are dedicated to providing our children, families, and teachers with the most timely and innovative health and hygiene guidelines to provide a safe, nurturing, and friendly environment.

safety guidelines

COVID19 is top of mind for all of us! We work directly with the health department, CDC, and MSDE to ensure that we are practicing the most current safety measures. Preschools and Daycares are required to run their centers with safety protocols in place and we have embraced that mission. We at Georgetown Hill have always held ourselves to a high cleanliness standard and now we think you’ll find us to be squeaky clean!

We support and are practicing the 3 W’s everyday –

  1. Wear your mask
  2. Watch your distance
  3. Wash your hands!

Our Approach:

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Adjusting our staffing patterns:
Smaller classes, Adjusted hours, and Limit the combining of classrooms, Limited comingling on playgrounds, Using cohorts to ensure socialization is within the same germ pool.

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New Entrance Protocols:
Outside area for health check, No visitors allowed, Sanitization of shoes and bags, Staggered start and end times, Staff trained on recognizing the symptoms of Covid-19.

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Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitizing Frequency:
More frequent and washing, Full disinfecting throughout the day, Professional cleaning each night, Adequate supply of hand sanitizer, Staff fully trained on disinfecting

If you have questions about these new health and safety protocols, please reach out to us so that we can discuss them further. We are currently offering virtual tours of our school!