Health Guidelines and Safety Protocols

At Georgetown Hill Early School, we are dedicated to implementing the most up-to-date and innovative health and hygiene practices to ensure a safe and healthy school environment.

We work directly with the health department, CDC, and MSDE to ensure that we are practicing the most current safety measures related to COVID-19. Preschools and Daycares have specific recommended health and safety protocols that we have embraced. 

We support and practice the 3 W’s everyday

  1. Wear your mask
  2. Watch your distance
  3. Wash your hands!
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Some of our measures include:

Staff Training

- Enforcing CDC guidelines
- Enhanced Cleaning protocols
- Smaller class sizes
- Travel limitations
- Healthy habits and preventative measures (including increased handwashing)

Enhanced Cleaning

- Daily scheduled cleaning 3x/day
- Nightly professional cleaning
- Increased regular cleaning of high traffic areas, bathrooms, classroom materials and furniture
- Daily Focus within each class on healthy habits and preventative measures with students

Building Access

- New entrance protocols
- Health screenings outside
- Outside drop off/pick up
- Sanitization of shoes/bags
- No outside visitors

The same school that has served Maryland families for 40 years just got safer!

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