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From the ground up, the leadership of our organization is operated by a family-oriented team of directors and administrators with a common goal in mind. At our core we are more than a business or a service; we have a calling


1. Ellen Cromwell, Founder
2. Pete Cromwell, CEO
3. Kristen Cromwell, Director of Education
4. Meg Breitenbach, Director of Finance and Accounting
5. Bonnie Byrd, Marketing
6. Kelly Cromwell, Human Resources
7. Shannon Moodie, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development
8. Kristen Raymond, Marketing
9. Lai Fan Zhang, Enrollment Specialist
10. Linda Weinel, Account Manager
11. Brenna Voohrees, Director of Apple Ridge/Montgomery Village Campus
12. Emily Becker, Director of Bells Mill/Potomac Campus –
13. Shelby Monsini, Director of Clarksburg Campus
14. Megan Jackowski, Director of Darnestown Campus –
15. Xiomara Amaya, Director of Greenwood Campus
16. Emily Adesina, Director of Hood Lab School
17. Melanie Morillo, Administrative Director of North Potomac Campus
18. Sayuri Carrington, Director of NRC/Rockville Campus
19. Lil Winestone, Director of Potomac Village
20. Terri Gatewood, Director of USAPHIS/Sunny Days Campus

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