Meet George

The children at Georgetown Hill have a special relationship with George. When asked who he is or what he means to them, they see a friendly owl. One who is happy even if he is hurt with eyes as big as the moon. They see a figure constructed of shapes. He cannot smile because he has a beak, but the children want to hug him no matter what.

He’s on their t-shirt, and he’s their buddy. Most importantly his name is George because we are Georgetown Hill!

Where Did George Originate?

The owl became Georgetown Hill’s mascot and logo soon after our founding in 1980. He ties us to our past and is central to the continuity and legacy of Georgetown Hill. The owl showcases that we are the creation of a particular era and place in Montgomery County history and reminds us that no matter how we grow and evolve in the future, we must always be rooted to meeting the needs of neighboring communities where we find ourselves. The owl was originally the mascot of Georgetown Hill Elementary on Seven Locks Road in Potomac. Their Principal partnered with founder Ellen Cromwell’s vision: to use surplus public school space to enhance the learning opportunities for children and to respond to the childcare needs of local families as the community was faced with the challenge and opportunity of the surge of women entering the workforce. Thus was born our subsidiary kindergarten program as well as our before and after school program. Ellen chose to “adopt” the owl as our mascot too, to honor our founding and original “host” school because the owl well-symbolized the wisdom we all hope to develop during our lifelong learning journey. For Georgetown Hill, building the foundation of lifelong learners has always been central.

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