November Signature Unit – FOOD!

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”-George Bernard Shaw

We introduced Georgetown Hill’s first signature unit—FOOD– in November! Our three signature preschool units (November, February, and May) immerse the entire school in an in-depth exploration of the same topic so that we can highlight our continuum of learning from infants through transitional kindergarten. Each age group focuses on a unique aspect of the topic and we come together for a culminating activity at the end of the month.

Toddler makes food in this months signature unit!

In November:

  • Infants and toddlers are learning about fruits and vegetables and other foods that are grown and harvested on farms
  • Twos and Threes are exploring healthy versus non-healthy foods and are getting ready for Thanksgiving by learning about the harvest, gratitude, and table manners.
  • Pre-K and T-K are traveling from farm to table to learn about how our food is grown and distributed. They are also expressing gratitude and the spirit of the season through charitable giving projects within the community. Each month the Pre-K and Trans-K are studying Authors and Artists. In November they will be introduced to:

Author Study: Gail Gibbons

Artist(s) Study: Still Life: Paul Cézanne and Henri Matisse

Farm Landscape: Vincent Van Gogh and Winslow Homer

Our children and their families and friends will celebrate this month of FOOD explorations with annual campus family potlucks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday.