OWL – Our Whole Lives

OWL is Georgetown Hill Early Schools’ company-wide wellness program, that is all encompassing of employees, families, and children.

Why Does Georgetown Hill have a wellness program?

The Vision for OWL as a wellness program started with Georgetown Hill’s CEO, Peter Cromwell, but is actually deep rooted in our Founder, Ellen Cromwell’s (Peter’s mom) proprietary curriculum, P.L.A.N.  Movement, healthy bodies, and healthy minds are the foundations of not only academic success, but lifelong success in virtually every area.  We know that wellness is more than just exercise and nutrition, it’s every aspect of our lives – mind, body, and soul. So, we worked hard to create a unique program that addresses each aspect.

At Georgetown Hill we believe that wellness can be woven into our curriculum and taught in the classrooms, but it must first be believed and executed by our teachers. We all know children follow our actions more than our words – it is because of this that our employee wellness program began! We know it’s only natural that the overall benefits will show in the classroom, and in turn, in the homes of each of our families.

What does “OWL” wellness program entail?

Our wellness program started by hiring a personal wellness consultant and then building the program out from our directors to our teachers. We started with surveys, test groups, and trial and error. We our constantly updating our program to meet the needs of our current employees.

Each week a newsletter goes out to our employees with exercise how-to’s, challenges, recipes, tips and tricks, and more.

Every campus has an OWL Team Captain who is in charge of motivating employees to participate.

  • Movement – We know that wellness is not just rigorous exercise, but healthy movement throughout the day that can be woven into a sedentary lifestyle and encourage an active lifestyle.
  • Exercise – Georgetown Hill consults with a personal trainer to help build challenges, lead classes, and participate in one on one and group exercise.
  • Mindfulness – We educate and engage in meditation, yoga, personal development, learning, and book clubs to make up our healthy minds’ initiative for our employees.
  • Finances – Financial health is one of our big areas of need that continuously shows up on surveys. This area ranges from spending and saving tips and tricks to applying for financial aid for school.
  • Dreams/Goals – We ask and listen to each employees’ lifelong dreams and goals. Someone from each campus is assigned to finding resources to help employees reach their personal goals.

How is OWL implemented in the curriculum?

  • Play – We encourage our children and our teachers to have fun while learning. Our teachers our experts at making learning fun and bringing together developmentally appropriate academic standards and joy while actively engaging with the children. Our schools radiate laughter and energy while teaching your children what they need to be prepared for school and (most importantly) life.
  • Learning – Not only do we sneak fun movements into our day, but we also actively learn about what it means to be and feel healthy. We talk out loud to children about the choices we make when it comes to movement, eating, and controlling our minds.
  • Arts – Expression really is one of the highest forms of mindfulness. We encourage children to express themselves in ways that make them unique, whether this be creative projects, dance, drama, building, or anything else.
  • Nurturing – Georgetown Hill children are first and foremost loved. Children need to know they are safe and loved before they can even begin to learn life skills and then academics. Georgetown Hill does not push down academic standards, instead, we create loving environments that meet children’s needs, so they can begin to naturally engage in learning processes. Nurture is really wellness in its most basic form – if we get this step right, the rest will really follow.

What does it look like in the classroom?

You will see wellness in its obvious forms such as onsite PE, yoga, music and movement, and nutritional snacks and meals being served.  Make sure to look for it in not-so-obvious ways as well such as social emotional development, community building, classroom arrangement and the environment, and expression.

Georgetown Hill Early Schools are committed to partnering with our employees, children, and families to positively impact on a much bigger scale than only early care, we want to impact Your Whole Life.