Parents and Teachers: Collaboration for Success

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Being a parent of a preschooler, especially during the first year in school, can be overwhelming; adapting to new schedules and routines, as well as teacher lingo and recommendations. It’s a lot to take in and adjust to with seemingly endless information being shared in emails and face-to-face interactions. Along with school and health forms to be signed, it’s no wonder if you’re feeling a little lost and confused! I have been working as an educator and administrator for years, and there was an adjustment period for me too, when my son started school.

You might feel like you’re barely able to juggle between the many happenings at home, work, and your child’s school. The good news is that you are not alone! Many parents feel overwhelmed and confused. The good news: you already have a support system in place! This starts with building a positive connection with your child’s teachers.

It is important for parents and teachers to work as a team so home and school can feel more connected. Antidotally, teachers see amazing success when learning from school is reinforced at home and vice versa.  Your child will certainly feel the impact and reap the benefits.

How could this be put into practice?

Communication is the key and your child’s teacher is the first place to start! Parents and teachers communicating regularly via email, phone conversations and/or face to face conversations about a child’s day is so important. Successes, progress, goals, and of course concerns, whether big or small should be shared.

Teachers are very important resources to tap into and have firsthand knowledge about what is going on in the classroom. They can offer many helpful recommendations for any issues you may have at home. Your child’s teacher has the knowledge of what has worked for not only one child of an age group – but several, often over years and years! In turn parents, who are experts on their own children can share what works at home. This continuity of care creates a strong partnership which benefits everyone!

One way we like to start this relationship at Georgetown Hill is by sending out a “Getting to Know You” form at the beginning of each school year. Parents share information about their child such as their likes, dislikes, favorite things, family celebrations, and more. This then becomes a useful tool for your child’s teacher to get to know both your child and your family!

At Georgetown Hill we value the relationship we have with your family and most importantly your child!


Written By: Lai Fan Zhang
Administrative Director
North Potomac