Specials and Clinics

In addition to the regular curriculum, we offer Specials and Clinics to enhance your child’s love of learning and discover opportunities for development during their impressionable stages of life. Our PLAN® philosophy is straightforward with proven results. In our early education environment, the primary method of teaching and learning is through guided discovery. Our approach places children at the center of their learning; giving them the opportunity to discover knowledge themselves as they progressively interact with materials and ideas that challenge their potential and entice learning. Working closely with parents, we create a nurturing, home-like setting rich with possibilities and ripe for learning. During your tour of our facilities or enrollment talk with a Campus Director to see if these clinics and specials are available at your preferred location.


  • Spanish
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Science


  • Sports with Ms. Alexis
  • Ballet and Hip Hop with Ms.
  • Music with Ms. Marie
  • Tae Kwon Do with Master
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Art
  • Science Exploration
  • Cheerleading
  • Gymnastics
  • Keyboards with Ms. Marie
  • Soccer
  • Tee-Ball
  • Yoga
  • Creative Movement with Ms. Janice
  • Karate
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In a child-centered environment, play is a natural springboard for development. As children play, they form friendships and learn to value each other. They use language to communicate ideas, critical thinking to test ideas, and creativity to put ideas into motion. They cooperate and compromise as they gain understanding about their world. They learn sound judgment and decision-making skills. In this environment, active learning is balanced with many opportunities for reflection and personal development.

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Learning is a cumulative process through which children acquire skills and knowledge and apply them to gain understanding about themselves and their environment. Children acquire knowledge incidentally through spontaneous play and directly through guided instruction and in-depth projects. Most learning takes place incidentally as a child responds to people and objects that are important to his/her world.

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When children are encouraged to express themselves, they sharpen their senses and expand their level of awareness. They interpret the world as they paint, dance, build, sing, and engage in dramatic play. They use their eyes to study intricacies, their bodies to express new wonders, and their hands to explore their surrounding world. Through a variety of media, children develop creativity, original thinking, motivation and confidence. They connect feelings and ideas through sensory experiences that help them thrive in their environment. As they continue to express themselves, they see the world and its people from a more sensitive perspective.

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Nurturing is the bridge between what a child accomplishes and how he/she feels about the accomplishment. When children are exposed to a nurturing environment, they develop attitudes that foster trusting relationships and good character. Relationships are based on communication and trust. The teacher: encourages responsibility to the self and the group; encourages children to care for their minds and their bodies by making healthy choices and developing wholesome attitudes; provides classroom and community opportunities that develop sensitivity to the diversity around them; provides materials and activities that facilitate universal values.

Get to know us

Georgetown Hill knows how much time and consideration goes into choosing the right school for your child and their education. Thank you for considering Georgetown Hill Early School. Tours are available on an on-going basis at all of our campuses. To schedule a tour, contact the Campus Director at your preferred location. We look forward to talking to you and walking you through our campuses.