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“Our family is in love with Georgetown Hill, Apple Ridge Campus. We wish this preschool was around when our oldest son was this young. All the staff is amazing, very friendly and accommodating with our needs. Our daughter started going twice a week when she was 1 1/2 years old in the Toddler’s room. We quickly signed her up to go every day, as she truly loved going to “School.” The curricula is outstanding and the best around in our opinion. Every day is a different day at Georgetown Hill – between P.E., Music, Art, Cooking, Spanish and In-House performances, these kids have no reason not to love coming here! Oh, did we forget to mention she’s counting and knows her alphabet? Yes, they do that too! We also enjoy all of the school celebrations year round- always a great excuse to get together and build memories! We feel so grateful for having Georgetown Hill close to home – a wonderful, loving and nurturing environment for my daughter to spend her first years while we are at work, and a great foundation for her!”

-Victoria Edgar

“We just completed our eighth year at Georgetown Hill Early School (GHES) in Darnestown, and I’m actually a bit sad that we only have one year left! Our four kids have had the most incredibly warm, loving, positive, happy teachers throughout the years that have made our preschool experience phenomenal. I know each one has loved and adored our kids and always kept them safe and feeling secure. The GHES community is so strong, and I’m blessed to say I’ve made life-long friends with the staff and parents. Our kids LOVE school, and it’s all thanks to what was built within those walls; an appreciation for learning and knowing that school can be FUN! I’m so thankful I found this gem of a school for my precious babies!”

-Sharon Cassidy


“We have had both of our children enrolled in Georgetown Hill for the past six years. Our daughter graduated Pre-K in 2015. We were so impressed with how well she was prepared for kindergarten! We feel that her strong foundation helped her to have an easy transition to elementary school. She loved going to school each day and could not wait to come home and tell us about how much fun she had. We were always excited to hear about the fun ways her teachers incorporated learning into her play experiences. Our son started at Georgetown Hill as an infant and is currently enrolled in their Threes program. We could not believe the projects and learning experiences he had as an infant! We always felt comfortable and confident leaving him with his teachers. They were so loving and happy to meet his needs as he grew into his toddler years. We attribute his large vocabulary and love of numbers to his early exposure. He talks about his teachers and friends from school all day long. We are excited to watch him as he continues through the program.”

-Mark Jackowski

“My two boys have been with Georgetown Hill since they were two, and I just can’t imagine any other school giving them such an amazing experience. They have been able to provide a safe, personal, and nurturing environment, in addition to a school day with great learning and play balance. This past year my boys also were lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of the return of kindergarten to the Georgetown Hill school system. We are all so sad to be moving on to public school, but we are grateful for the opportunity to continue with before/aftercare.”

-Kate Deisseroth


“This place is wonderful! Georgetown Hill’s Apple Ridge Campus embraced our little 8-month granddaughter and her day and learning care with all the gusto we could hope for. Now going on three, she gets up each day excited, knowing that something new and different awaits her. Learning is everywhere, and concern for her wellbeing is front and center. Be it their attentiveness to her numerous allergies or their proactive eye toward seeing that she is at the right level and with the right classmates so that she continues to be challenged, the school is a great fit for our always curious grandbaby. We’ve never had second thoughts about enrolling. If top-notch care were not enough, an added benefit to all this mental and physical learning is that they wear her out; she is ready to go to bed like clockwork after a little play time, her dinner and a bath.

Results may vary, but this alone is a dream come true by any standard of care!”

-Callie Mae

“We are extremely happy with the Georgetown Hill School. We just loved all the teachers at our Bells Mill Campus; [they are] very professional, nurturing and most importantly our daughter was always happy to go to school in the mornings and never wanted to leave in the afternoon. She learned so much there, including Spanish, arts, science, music, how to read and write and various physical activities. The school also had many great field trips and special extra fun activities for kids and families. We highly recommend Georgetown Hill School!”

-Blumin Family

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