Callie Mae

This place is wonderful! Georgetown Hill’s Apple Ridge Campus embraced our little 8-month granddaughter and her day and learning care with all the gusto we could hope for. Now going on three, she gets up each day excited, knowing that something new and different awaits her. Learning is everywhere, and concern for her wellbeing is front and center. Be it their attentiveness to her numerous allergies or their proactive eye toward seeing that she is at the right level and with the right classmates so that she continues to be challenged, the school is a great fit for our always curious grandbaby. We’ve never had second thoughts about enrolling. If top-notch care were not enough, an added benefit to all this mental and physical learning is that they wear her out; she is ready to go to bed like clockwork after a little play time, her dinner and a bath.

Results may vary, but this alone is a dream come true by any standard of care!