What did we even do on our days ‘off’?

teachers learning together

Last Thursday, we got together for our Annual Staff Meeting – that’s right, over 200 Georgetown Hill employees got all together in ONE PLACE! The energy was outstanding, and we are SO EXCITED to start our 2018/2019 school year.

What did we talk about?

We covered A LOT of information during our 8 hours together with 5 general sessions and 4 breakout sessions. General sessions for everyone included Making an Impact/Core Values, Wellness, Safety – inside, playgrounds, and field trips, and PLAN Curriculum. Breakouts included Behavior Guidance, Movement in the Classrooms, Owl Writes, Loose Parts/Outdoor Classrooms, Teamwork, After School Programs, and Early Literacy.

What did employees gain from this?

Besides the obvious answer of “new knowledge”, our employees also gained a sense of family, community, comradery, and passion. Each and every employee knows the mission and values of Georgetown Hill and why we serve children and families. They heard about our new goals for nutrition, movement, and wellness. They heard about the impact they make each day working with you and your children. They were reminded about the importance of safety and exactly what safety looks like. They learned how to implement best practices in their classroom. And lastly, but certainly not least, the employees had FUN! We rejuvenated and re-lit our passion flames.

Did all 9 Campuses attend?

YES! They even dressed up in matching attire according to campus. They had a little challenge amongst themselves to see who could bring the most school spirit. Guess what – YOUR school won! 😉

How often do we have these staff meetings?

Once a year we get together with all campuses, but throughout the year we also do trainings on campus by campus need. Each employee clocks at least 12 additional hours of professional development (approved by the state of Maryland) throughout the school year.

We hope you enjoy these fun pictures from our staff meeting as much as we enjoyed preparing our minds, bodies, and souls for the upcoming year with you and your family!