What’s in a Name

A toddler playing outside at our daycare playground.

Have you ever wondered how Georgetown Hill came to be Georgetown Hill? Are we a preschool spin-off of the renowned university in DC? Were we once perched on a hill? And what is the owl- why the owl?

Well, the answer to those questions lies in our past. One of Georgetown Hill’s most unique features is our history- our local, family-founded history. Our name tells the story of who we are and where we came from.

Georgetown Hill Elementary School was a Montgomery County public school located on Seven Locks Road in Potomac, Maryland (today, it is the Ivymount School). Ellen Cromwell, a mother of four, was a parent at the school and a preschool teacher in Rockville. The principal became aware of a growing need among the families of Georgetown Hill. Working families were looking for a quality complement to the MCPS half-day kindergarten program as well as an enriching before and after school program that offered much more than babysitting. In 1979, the principal approached Ellen about developing and implementing such a program.

Ellen operated a successful kindergarten complement program and before and after school elementary program until Georgetown Hill Elementary School was closed by MCPS in June of 1982 as part of a school consolidation master plan.

Families urged Ellen to find a way to continue the program. Although the doors of Georgetown Hill Elementary School were closed, Ellen paid tribute to the beloved school by keeping the name and the mascot as she searched for additional space around the Potomac area.

George the owl - Child care mascot

George, our owl, looked different back then, but still communicates the goals of a quality education: helping children find their wings to soar and developing wisdom about who they are and what they can become.