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With a Play. Learning. Arts. Nurturing. approach to teaching, we’ve found that children thrive in an educational environment long before Kindergarten. Our PLAN® philosophy is straightforward with proven results. We embrace each child as our own and welcome their individuality. We believe in pushing creative boundaries and through exploration of the arts, we help your child PLAN® toward a solid future full of self-awareness and confidence.

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Our Experience Enriches Your Child’s Education

Successful early childhood development is greatly dependent on stability. One of the ways we help contribute to this is through low staff turnover which enables your child to depend regularly on their teacher in a happy, trustful environment even as they graduate from one age group to the next. Whether they are in before or aftercare, or preschool, they can expect to be educated by teachers who know them personally. With the combined experience and expertise of tenured employees, we nurture your child to adapt positively to their surroundings. All lead preschool teachers have four-year degrees, and many on our staff have earned advanced degrees.

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$500 Tuition Credit

$500 Tuition Credit for our day care program.

Established 1980

For 35 years we’ve established relationships with our families and colleagues built on trust and respect. At Georgetown Hill, we tailor our curriculum to accommodate each child by supporting him or her to reach their potential as they discover the developmental stages of reason, problem-solving, and self-esteem.

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