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Tuition Information

We know one of the factors you consider when choosing childcare is the tuition cost. We completely understand. The good news is that we are likely not out of your price range! In fact, we have done our research and when comparing apples to apples, we are likely more inexpensive than many.

In full transparency, giving prices on our website is not easy, and here is why:

We now have 12 locations (and growing!), and prices can vary a bit.

We have flexible scheduling! This is great for our families as we offer Full-time and Part-time schedules at many of our locations. We want your rate to best fit your actual needs and schedule. While we have to streamline it to some extent, we want you to only pay for the hours you’ll actually use. Our tuition rates vary by campus; call us today to get more information 301-284-8144

Also, we strongly feel that rates should not be the only factor when choosing childcare. We work really hard to hire amazing teachers, and it shows by our very low teacher turnover. We strongly believe in providing a nurturing environment with quality experiences so that your child is not only ready for kindergarten but ready for life! We take these formative years very seriously. If you’re looking for a place like this for your child, then Georgetown Hill is the perfect place for you and your family.

Discounts – We stand in support of our local teachers and are able to offer a discount for MCPS/FCPS/PGCPS at some of our locations. Ask for more information from your campus director. Georgetown Hill offers a Sibling Discount for families that have multiple children enrolled concurrently. The discount is a percentage off the lower tuition amount(s) and varies by campus.

Subsidy and Vouchers – We accept and participate in Federal, State, and County plans. Each Campus has different options and parameters, so be sure to check to see if we accept yours.

Corporate Discount – Where do you work? Find out if your employer would be willing to participate in a partnership program. We may be able to offer some incentives towards tuition.

Tuition Expectations – Tuition is due monthly. We will automatically withdraw funds from the account of your choosing on the 1st of each month.

We’d love the chance to meet you to explain our rates, enrollment options, and what is included in your total tuition amount. Contact us today with your scheduling needs and see how flexible we can be!

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